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I first saw Dandilion Wind and Metija Erceg’s work in late 2019, during an unexpected foray into Twitch, the online streaming platform for “gamers.”  I was struck by the endless creative things going on: a new way of performing, a new way of interacting ... and yet a sensibility and poise that I couldn't help but think of as "classical" (she even danced in a dark leotard).  It felt like a sociodigital anthesis -- a vital flowering emerging from the clunky social media landscape. 

Both Dandi and Metija have classical training that they don’t seem to take too seriously: Dandilion is a self- proclaimed “art school dropout” and Metija casually mentions he has a (now seemingly irrelevant) architecture degree. On my end, I can’t help but see their 'Live Performance Video Game' as the opening gestures of what will become the classical styles of cyberspace. We are in improv class with Aeschylus. Dandi is the Deus Ex Machina issuing salvation from the Singularity.

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