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"Come, we shall have some fun now!"

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."


To find this unparty, no need for duress,
All you have to do is unpuzzle the address...

Four little numbers precede the street name,
Finding them out will be our first game.

A Cheshire lives 6 times the typical cat,
And then, my friend, you must attach to that:
The age from when he is allowed to drink,
And the final answer into you should sink.
__ __ __ __

The street name itself is our next foray,
And is a way to say that something’s “made of clay”
But not just made, for here life is first formed
Is it born? Or bourne? Well, we mean  ______________.

The party starts at 7, and will be hopping at 10,

We have special drinks, and a dance floor to tend.
Expect surprises, but our lips are sealed shut.
If you want to know, you will have to show up!

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