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Enter Moss

Circles, mandalas, history repeats my unconscious working for me?

Who is this "I" that I call me? If I do exist, and indeed I seem to...who am I?

I am the rhythm of the drums, the whispering of the wind. I am in each grain of sand and in each breath I take. I find myself in each moment of each moment.

This I is the PRRrr of your kitty cat settling on your lap. There for eternity because it has entered your consciousness and can therefore be accessed whenever you please. That PRRrr, the pleasure of ecstatic rhythm, the allowing of the waves to overtake what was once your past, and is now found in each moment as you lay out your future. The PRRrr is a new orientation of existence, where that I that you discover and reinvent becomes paint at your fingertips and precipitates a life where every moment is valued because of the very fact that in it that I is born.

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