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Why Polyamory Needs a Rave ... Needs a Retreat

Why a rave?

We need to go to the edge of words. Words are great – I use them everyday. But they are stuck in a meaning structure, and if you never get out of it, you’ll never exceed it. And I swear … there is more to you than is currently expressed.

Why a retreat?

Do not attempt this at home. Do not do this unsupervised. Do not make this up based on what you read on the internet. There is so much you already do alone … don’t you deserve a guide sometimes? Don’t you deserve some shelter?

Why Polyamory?

If there is one thing we know about love outside of monogamy – it is that we have only the most impoverished vocabulary for it. There is affair, there is cuckold, there is cheating, there is swinging. These words are so impoverished for describing the multitude of experiences we have when living with an open heart. If you want to expand into the tender world of non-monogamy … be aware, this world has been entered before, but is largely uncharted. By charted I literally mean there are few charts, diagrams, models to guide you. All of the current maps are old. This area was hardly documented, and if it was, well … see the words used above.

To do it, then, it helps to go to the edge of language. Do this in a sheltered place. Do it supported. Do it in a way that breaks language … find your heart without a predetermined map. Make your own.

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