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Introducing the PRRrrr

I have good news for you: you exist!

Hallelujah it is true, you can knock your knuckle on it and feel it. Feel free to do it now, to help sound your reading the rest of this.

Please. Seriously. Do it. I’ll wait.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! You exist, we just proved it. We felt it. Heard it. You materialized in your matter striking another.

Let me underline this: your existence matters.

We need to hear this ring out!

* * *

We are here to address a problem. It is the problem that you have, and you know its name. (We all have it... it comes with the Trappings.) It is making you question if you matter. It moves through you like a dull, old blade, and by God it’s determined to cut all the way through.

We keep it silent. We ignore it. We challenge it. These are all the right thing to do. But sometimes, we must face it.

The PRRrrr is a moment of facing. You are getting away, so that you can face yourself. You will do it with others. You will go at your pace … or at least at a pace that you find yourself going. You will be supported and held the whole way – so you can go as far as you’re willing to face in yourself.

PRRrrr is founded by 3 professionals of health. The work we are doing here, however, is about your soul. The PRRrrr provides interventions as old as time. Humans have transcended from time immemorial, and there is no technology directly necessary for its accomplishment. We are students of these ancient methods, and we bring them to bare on our participants.

However, we don’t want you to enter this blind, so we will describe some of our work here. If you are considering transcendence, please read this blog. Start anywhere, and then go sidewards. What we are writing should build your trust that (a) yes, we are a little mad, but also (b) we know what we’re talking about. This is all very serious, how silly we are being. And its goal is clear: your transcendence.

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