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Reflections on speed and light

Nothing worthwhile emerges instantaneously...and yet, those moments we value most, the people we most cherish appeared in a flash. In fact we read them into our past, create them as having always been there, because of the very chemistry we share. They are old souls, companions from previous lives, twining creatures that because of the connection seem to have aided in our very formation.

The memories we hold most dear, here and gone in an instant. Time flies we are accustomed to hearing...but what about the amazing ability to reinvent our experiences….to reinterpret our pasts to propel us towards the future we imagine and can create. The PRRrr is about this kind of awakening….to be able to recognize the illusion of time allowing us to engage in a past that can become more fluid and malleable to our inspirations.

You are aware about the history repeating itself bit, but how often do you consider this with regards to your creativity now! Only while encountering yourself, as a being of light and speed, as deserving of love and experiencing that true loving connection; can you embrace your choices. This moment is all you have. It's all you are. Be here. Lose your previous definition of who you thought you were. Come to terms with the possibility of who you can be and have the ability to become.

As you dance to a rhythm, as you listen to a singing bowl...that resonance, the same experience you name as you connect with someone. Someone who really sees you, simply because they share this moment with you. This now with you. This now where you are who you wish. Light, bright and buoyant.

- Moss, 2019/05/19

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